Ynvisible and PragmatIC Partner to Provide Flexible Display Modules

Ynvisible Interactive Inc, a growing company in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, and Pragmatic Semiconductor, a leader in flexible electronics, has entered into a non-binding 3-year technology and supply partnership agreement for services and deliverables of up to US $ 2 million, focused on electronic modules. ‘fully integrated flexible display.
Many applications in growing markets such as smart packaging and healthcare require a display, for example to ensure that the item has been transported correctly, or to ensure authenticity, or simply to provide data reading reviews. Traditional displays are inherently expensive, rigid and relatively bulky, which means they are not suitable for packaging or printed media, or for integration into consumer devices. Ynvisible’s printed electrochromic technology is ideal for these applications, enabling durable ultra-low power displays in new thin and flexible form factors.

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