VIAVI launches the ALT-9000 radio altimeter test solution, designed for a new era of safe aviation


The RADALT measures an aircraft’s altitude above terrain, by transmitting a radio frequency (RF) signal to the ground and receiving a reflection. To avoid potential spoofing or jamming of the return signal, modern RADALTs use more complex waveforms, and the US military has transitioned the majority of its aircraft to these designs. Also, as 5G networks begin to use C-band frequencies, older RADALTs may not have the required interference protection. These trends require updated technology and testing procedures to handle old and new RADALT types, and to enable rapid retesting to identify issues that could disrupt flight operations.

The VIAVI ALT-9000 is a portable test set that uses fiber optic delay to allow it to work with all types of radio altimeters. It tests the complete RADALT system, allowing the operator to isolate a problem to the antenna, coaxial cable, line replaceable unit (LRU) or indicator, eliminating unnecessary component swaps or replacements of the system. The ALT-9000 performs full closed-loop system testing, replicates flight conditions, and creates profiles for dynamic altitude simulations. The comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly testing process enables more frequent testing of flight systems, reducing the cost of failed take-offs.

“After two years of a global pandemic, the aviation industry expects demand to increase and a return to normal operations,” said Guy Hill, Director of Avionics Test Products, VIAVI. “Aircraft operators, avionics system manufacturers and maintenance, repair and overhaul service providers must adopt best practices to avoid further disruption, in particular by placing greater emphasis on safety, security and the efficient operation of radio altimeters. The ALT-9000 has been designed to support these best practices for all RADALTs on the market.”

VIAVI offers a broad portfolio of avionics test solutions, providing reliable R&D, flight line, factory and recommissioning test solutions to the avionics market for over 40 years. The ALT-9000 joins the AVX-10K flight line test set, enabling comprehensive performance verification testing of critical on-board systems from a simple-to-use device.

VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, government and avionics. We help these customers harness the power of instrumentation, automation, intelligence and virtualization to Order the network. VIAVI is also a leader in light management solutions for 3D detection, anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive and defense applications. Learn more about VIAVI at Follow us on VIAVI Perspectives, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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