Everyone knows the popular phrase “The police are your friend” and this time there might not be a bigger truism than that statement, thanks to the new interactive instagram police filter created by Chekkit Technologies to raise awareness of a new behavior where we all monitor and check the authenticity of all products before we buy/consume them – especially food, drink, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

For those who don’t know, Chekkit is a product distribution authentication and tracking technology solutions platform that offers product verification and anti-counterfeiting solutions for FMCG – goods fast-moving consumer goods – and the pharmaceutical industry, with the sole aim of securing the lives of Nigerians. are protected against counterfeit and harmful products. Imagine being able to check your gala or that paracetamol before buying it? Imagine how much safer you would be able to feel, especially with all the trends of counterfeit products everywhere.

ChekkitApp: differentiating the fake from the original product

Now, in an effort to create a world with safer products, Chekkit is recruiting you as the Chekkit Product Police. All you have to do is find the Chekkit font filter on IG and make a video with him recommending Chekkit which product you want them to have on ChekkitApp, so you can always use the app to check the product before buying. Tag @ChekkitApp in your video for a chance to win amazing ChekkitApp giveaways

To do this:

– Visit @Chekkitapp on instagram and select the filter icon

– Use the Chekkit font filter to make a video telling chekkit a product you would like to see the chekkit label on. (click here to use) https://www.instagram.com/ar/1104675956962788

– Tag Chekkit and tag the product name in your video for a chance to win exciting Chekkit giveaway items.

For more information, be sure to download ChekkitApp, or visit www.chekkit.app on your browser. or simply dial *347*03*PIN# to check and report counterfeit products.

ChekkitApp: differentiate counterfeit products from original products

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