Ugreen launches new HiTune T3 earphones to the world


Upon international release, Ugreen will release a second color option for the T3 headphones. Previously, the headphones were only available in white, but now they will also be available in black. The black version of the T3 headphones will retain the same sleek form factor and deliver the same high quality sound.

Main features of the T3

The T3 earphones feature 10mm PU+wool composite dynamic drivers, which deliver punchy, dynamic bass without sacrificing mids and highs.

In addition, they offer a predictive ANC function that can reduce ambient noise by 25 dB. This is a proprietary system developed by the HiTune Acoustics Lab. ANC produces no pressure in the inner ear, so listeners can spend hours comfortably enjoying their music.

The T3 headphones also feature the Real Voice 4.0 environmental noise cancellation system, which effectively filters out 90% of external noise.


The HiTune T3 headphones launched in February on Amazon UK with a recommended retail price of £35.99. Today, the T3 earphones will launch on Amazon US and several European Amazon stores at a price of $35.99. Moreover, they will be available on Ugreen official website around May 7.

About HiTune

HiTune is a Ugreen sub-brand that strives to provide high quality audio devices that the average person can afford. Good audio devices are often prohibitively expensive, but that doesn’t have to be so.

About Ugreen

Ugreen is a global leader in consumer electronics. Ugreen is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in research and development, with the goal of delivering more value to electronic consumers.

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