The price of Thai consumer goods could increase due to higher diesel prices


The price of diesel in Thailand is expected to rise next month, past the 30 baht per liter cap, but the Ministry of Commerce has promised to do everything possible to control the costs of consumer goods. The public is now worried that the products are more expensive due to the increase in the price of diesel. Diesel prices, linked to global energy and oil price spikes, are also tied to global inflation concerns.

The ministry has reviewed the costs, and even if diesel prices are forced to rise, they say it will not cause a domino effect and will make every product more expensive.

“It’s important to ask whether high prices reflect manufacturing costs.”

“If the costs turn out to be high, the prices of goods might have to go up, but if the costs go up only slightly, everything will be like today.”

However, last week, according to the Layer Farmer Association, the price of chicken eggs of various sizes increased from 10 satang to 3.50 baht per egg due to higher feed costs. And this is just a small example.

“The Ministry of Internal Trade has analyzed the costs of all types of goods. Rest assured that the ministry will closely monitor commodity prices. If there is not too much impact on production costs, companies will be asked to bear the additional costs and not pass them on to consumers for the time being. More importantly, they must not take advantage of the situation and raise prices unreasonably. »

If the 30 baht per liter cap is removed, the price of diesel could reach 35 to 36 baht per liter next month if global oil prices continue to rise. This would then increase the costs of consumer goods and the government would have to find solutions to deal with the potential for runaway inflation.

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