Startup claims to have a solution to India’s electric vehicle fire problem


NEW DELHI : A startup founded by two former Ola Electric executives claims to have found a solution to stop the growing number of electric vehicle (EV) fires across the country.

Bengaluru-based EMO said it has been testing its battery under adverse conditions for the past three months and is now able to offer comprehensive fire safety assurance to customers, while increasing the cycle of life of a battery, which increases the overall life of an EV. . The company was founded by Rahul Patel and Sheetanshu Tyagi, who previously worked in the battery department at Ola Electric. Patel also led thermal engineering at Sun Mobility while Tyagi worked on design and manufacturing aspects at EV start-up Ather Energy.

Their solution, according to Tyagi, includes a special patent-pending fluid that absorbs and distributes heat through the battery, as well as a battery management system (BMS) based on machine learning (ML), which keeps a eye on the different cells in the battery, their temperatures, their state, etc.

“The entire battery is engulfed in a special non-conductive, energy-absorbing semi-solid fluid. We patented and developed it with chemistry labs in India. Then we developed our own electronic system within it, which circulates heat through the pack. So if one of the cells inside the pack starts to heat up, this whole system will go into overdrive, take the heat out of there and distribute it everywhere else,” Tyagi said.

This, according to him, is one of the major problems with affordable electric vehicles in India. Manufacturers source cheaper cells to build their batteries, and design errors, lack of quality, etc. lead electric vehicles to catch fire as soon as a single cell malfunctions. “The world situation is at a point where you wouldn’t even feel it if a cell inside the pack caught fire. You wouldn’t even know if a Tesla cell in their pack caught fire, they designed their whole system around it,” Tyagi noted. EMO is awaiting a patent for the fluid and pumping system, the overall battery design and the BMS.

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