Saha pressures the ministry to increase the price of noodles


Mr. Boonsithi, right, and Mr. Thamarat promote the 26th Saha Group Fair.

Saha Group, the country’s largest consumer goods conglomerate, is asking the government to allow it to raise prices for products, especially Mama instant noodles, as raw material costs continue to rise.

Boonsithi Chokwatana, the group’s chairman, said yesterday that Saha would like the Ministry of Commerce, which oversees goods on the price control list, to allow him to gradually increase the prices of goods such as instant noodles and detergents, because the raw materials have increased considerably. and continue to increase due to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“Instant noodle prices are allowed to rise all over the world, whether it’s Japan, China or Taiwan. If we’re not allowed to raise prices, I’m afraid we can’t stay in the market” , Mr. Boonsithi said.

“Price adjustment should be done step by step to have the least impact on consumers.”

He worries about rising inflationary pressures due to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Boonchai Chokwatana, chairman of Saha Pathanapibul Plc, the marketer and marketer of Mama instant noodles, warned that product shortages are very likely if the government continues to cap product prices.

He said manufacturers may have to reduce production capacity or stop production due to losses.

Mr Boonchai said consumer spending sentiment in Thailand in the first half of this year had improved slightly as infection rates declined.

“If the number of Covid-19 infections continues to decline, consumer sentiment in the second half will be much better,” he said.

Given the protracted war between Russia and Ukraine and the rising trend in inflation, Boonsithi said the group was pushing back on any major short-term investment plans, preferring to monitor the situation on the day. the day.

Still, the company is ready to invest in companies that have potential, but the investment decision will be made on a case-by-case basis, he said.

In a related development, Thamarat Chokwatana, Chairman and Executive Chairman of ICC International Plc, a cosmetics and fashion distribution arm of Saha Group, said the group is holding the 26th Saha Group Fair between June 30 and June 3. July, both on-site at Bitec and online. .

The show features products from more than 100 companies under the group umbrella, with more than 1,000 booths offering food and drink, home furnishings, clothing, leather goods, footwear, cosmetics , sporting goods and electrical appliances.

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