President Tokayev meets with heads of tech companies in Astana



ASTANA – President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on September 28 met with technology and IT business leaders who arrived in Astana to attend the two-day Digital Bridge Forum, a key event with a program featuring some of the biggest names in the computer industry, reported the presidential press service.

Present since 1996 in Kazakhstan, Samsung offers its innovative solutions and products to individuals and businesses. Photo credit: Akorda

Organized this year under the theme Central Eurasia as a New Tech Platform, the forum aims to build a new digital bridge between Europe and Asia by bringing together the region’s technoparks and opening up new opportunities for collaboration and exchange. of experiences for all those involved in promoting digital ideas in the region.

President Tokayev and Samsung Electronics Chairman In Yong Rhee discussed opportunities for training IT specialists, conducting joint research and cooperation in science.

Arsen Tomsky, the founder of inDriver, one of the fastest growing transportation service companies in the world, spoke with Tokayev about the prospects for inDriver’s development in Kazakhstan. The company’s unique selling point is that it allows customers to negotiate the price of their ride with the driver. Available in over 646 cities in 45 countries, it is one of the most popular services in Kazakhstan.

OneWeb is also the participant of Astana International Financial Center. Photo credit: Akorda

According to Tomsky, whose book “InDriver: From Yakutsk to Silicon Valley” was recently released in the Kazakh language. Two offices were opened in Astana and Almaty, and inDriver also became a resident of the Astana hub. He shared his plans to create the Spark digital university and implement several non-profit projects aimed at supporting young people, a goal expressed by Tokayev during his address to the forum’s plenary session later in the day.

“Today I had the honor of being one of the keynote speakers at Digital Bridge in Astana, the leading technology conference in Central Asia. I had the opportunity to meet His Excellency the President of Kazakhstan , Mr. Tokayev, and told him about inDriver’s plans for our human capital development programs,” Tomsky said in a tweet.

During a conversation with Mansur Ibrahim Al Mansouri, COO of G42, an Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company, the parties focused on expanding cooperation in the information technology and digital security. Al Mansouri spoke about his company’s plans to implement joint projects in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud infrastructure. Tokayev, in turn, highlighted the strategic importance of human capital development in AI and IT for Kazakhstan.

InDriver is among the companies that have confirmed their intention to move to Kazakhstan. Photo credit: Akorda

Sunil Barty Mittal, Founder and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises and OneWeb, discussed the use of low-orbit satellites and a network of ground stations to provide internet coverage to remote communities during his meeting with Tokayev. Last year, in November, OneWeb signed a letter of intent with Ghalam of Kazakhstan to collaborate on opportunities for local production of components for the second generation of OneWeb satellites in the country, as part of One Web’s efforts to expanding its presence in Kazakhstan and around the world. Central Asian market.

On the same day, Tokayev delivered a speech at the plenary session of the forum, outlining five priorities in the path of the country’s digital transformation, making it more human-centric, developing human capital and creating favorable conditions for digital transformation. computer industry.

On September 29, the G42 and the Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the government’s use of big data analytics, cloud and AI, among other digital technologies. Photo credit: Akorda

The development of the IT sector was a focus of Tokayev’s meetings during his recent visit to New York, where he met with some of the world’s leading IT companies, discussing plans for greater collaboration. Their expertise could be applied to the country’s ambitious goals, including training at least 100,000 IT professionals and increasing IT exports to $500 million by 2025.

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