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Pleasanton City Council is set to consider the 2022-23 midterm budget update on Tuesday, including how a $1.7 million surplus and other allocations could provide more funding for projects such as a new skate park and cricket pitch or repairs to the library, West Las Positas Boulevard and the Century House.

The latest update includes adjusted estimates for the two-year operating budget that was passed by the board last year in June. City officials assessed the estimates based on current financial conditions, according to the council staff report.

Notable adjustments include changes to the General Fund, which resulted in a $5.4 million increase in revenue and a $3.7 million increase in expenditure, resulting in a budget surplus of 1. $7 million that staff recommends be transferred to the capital improvement program to support priority projects.

One such project includes adding $3 million to a skate park project that has been ongoing since 2014. The proposed skate park would be built at Ken Mercer Sports Park, but the new funding would only provide half of the estimated total. to $8.5 million that it would take to cover all project costs, according to city staff.

They also recommend funding $250,000 for the conversion of an existing sports field into a cricket ground. Matt Gruber, a city landscape architect, told The Weekly that the city hasn’t determined a specific location for the field, but is evaluating three potential locations at Ken Mercer Sports Park that meet minimum field size requirements.

“The development of a public outreach process, which may include a public inquiry and/or a public workshop, is currently underway,” Gruber said.

As for repair projects, city staff recommend using $2.5 million to repair West Las Positas Boulevard. The project would provide long-term, interim repairs to Interstate 680 at Santa Rita Road, including reconstruction of portions of sidewalk and roadway, including replacement of road sections.

Approximately $3.1 million is also recommended for the repair and replacement of the Pleasanton Public Library’s roof and lighting system.

The Century House, which has been closed for eight years due to concerns over code compliance and health and safety issues, would also receive $1.7 million on the recommendation of staff. According to the budget report, a master plan with community input is nearing completion, which, after receiving final approval, would allow the preparation of construction plans to return the facility to the public.

While some of these projects such as the cricket ground and the library would be fully funded to complete, the rest would not be based on current funding levels. City staff are presenting recommendations for future allocations that could fully fund projects in future years.

The budget surplus of $1.7 million is due to the difference between increases in General Fund revenue and expenditure compared to previous estimates.

Some of the changes to the general fund relate to property taxes due to the increase in real estate property assessment in Pleasanton and sales and use taxes due to increased revenue related to general consumer goods, to restaurants and hotels and gas stations that have recovered from COVID restrictions, according to City staff.

Other changes include increases in business licenses for general economic recovery, document transfer taxes to reflect higher real estate values, and recreation fees to restore recreation programs to pre-COVID levels.

Another major change in the budget is the increase in general fund spending.

Budget increases featured in the review relate to staff work agreements, cost of living adjustments, a new position for the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department and increased staff to support recreation programs .

The remaining expenses include transportation and training development costs related to maintaining public safety and city operations, professional services, park maintenance, street maintenance and other increases in contractual obligations due to inflation, city staff said.

Council will review the budget and after providing recommendations and modifications, city staff will return and present a final budget for approval at the June 21 council meeting.

The council’s public workshop is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31. The full agenda is available here.

Prior to the public meeting, Council will meet in camera with City staff to discuss ongoing collective bargaining with the firefighters union.

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