New Phosphorus Flame Retardant from LANXESS



Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has developed a non-halogen flame retardant that will soon be offered under the brand name Emerald Innovation NH 500. The phosphorus-based additive is designed primarily for use in glass fiber reinforced plastics used to manufacture products for the electrical and electronics industry (E&E).

Outstanding flame retardant properties

The new polymer additive from LANXESS has very good flame retardant properties in combination with other additives and easily meets the relevant fire safety tests. A glass-filled PA66 formulated with Emerald Innovation NH 500 has passed the UL 94 fire test from the American testing company Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with an outstanding V-0 classification at a specimen thickness of 0.8 mm. In glow-wire tests, the highest expected glow-wire flammability index (GWFI) of 960°C is achieved without difficulty with a 3 mm thick specimen. The glow wire ignition temperature (GWIT) has been measured up to 875°C, which is significantly higher than the reference (775°C).

Mechanical properties maintained

LANXESS has developed versatile formulations for its new flame retardant. They guarantee the maintenance of the mechanical properties and other functional characteristics of the finished products. In addition, the product can boast of excellent thermal stability and unique morphology. The combination of very good flame retardant properties and high dimensional stability in engineering thermoplastics, such as polyamides 6 and 66 (PA6, PA66), offers promising applications for mixers and processors.

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