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Founded in 2018 and based in Vancouver, Canada, Monos targeted an underserved part of the travel market in terms of high quality, well-designed luggage that stood the test of time, all at an affordable price. The DTC brand philosophy is conscious travel.

Hubert ChanCreative Director and Co-Founder, says, “We started by creating the suitcase we always wanted, but couldn’t find. Since those early days, we’ve expanded our product line beyond luggage, branching out into other product categories, including bags and apparel. We don’t see ourselves as just a luggage brand, but a travel lifestyle brand. For us, travel is a global experience and we want to offer a diverse range of products that reflects that.”

The timing of the company’s founding unfortunately crossed paths with the COVID-19 outbreak. Chan acknowledges, “Shortly after the launch of Monos, and we were starting to see some traction and momentum, the global pandemic basically brought travel around the world to a halt. It was a scary time for us as company.”

But in an innovative move, Monos shifted gears and came up with a tool that matched the global situation. Chan says, “We knew we had a great team, so rather than dwell on the situation, we pivoted and shifted our resources to creating the CleanPod UVC Sterilizer, a portable travel wand that uses ultraviolet-C light. to disinfect surfaces. our efforts were focused on that, we were able to bring it to market in about six weeks. It found an immediate market during the height of the pandemic and generated plenty of PR coverage. It really helped us stay afloat during this time when From there we were able to turn that success into marketing at a time when other travel brands had pretty much stopped working – thanks to this we were able to conquer market share and we have seen luggage sales pick up. We also accelerated our product roadmap, launching the Metro collection of bags – the Metro Backpack, Duffel, Folio Kit and Sling – as well as the Kiyo, a travel water bottle that uses UVC technology to purify skin. ‘potable water. only survive pandemic, but thrive. And now we’re coming out stronger than ever with many exciting new products in the pipeline.”

Kathleen Westerhoutproduct manager, says, “I recently joined Monos and immediately understood that we could use a tool like PLM to centralize everything in one place. I have 10 years of experience in design and product development and I have worked in large companies with PLM systems, so I understand how fundamental PLM is for a business to grow and scale.

One area Monos wants to improve is communication with suppliers. Westerhout says: “Our suppliers need to be able to see what we see: exactly the same format, exactly the same information, because at the moment we use many different tools that do not connect to each other and do not there’s no synchronization, so there’s a lot of information in different places, it’s hard to stay organized and be on the same page with our suppliers.”

It describes the PLM selection. “It really came down to a couple of things. One, Centric’s option for emerging brands. That’s where we are at as a small business. Two, is customer experience. From the start, the communication with Centric was super clear and very professional. They answered all our questions; we feel like a valued customer. What also made the difference, in addition to choosing the right platform for us, is that we felt like we had the support to complete this project and be able to build the tool the way we want. [Centric] team that they will support us throughout the journey.”

Chan describes what is expected from Centric PLM. “To have a source of truth for everything. We’ll have all of our materials, trims, everything centralized. We’ll get our suppliers involved. Even the product information on our online site – if anything’s updated, we won’t don’t have to think about everything on the website to make the changes, because we’ll have that single source of truth,” says Chan.

President and CEO of Centric Software, Chris Grovessaid: “We are delighted that Monos, our 20th customer in Canada, chose to partner with Centric. They have already proven how innovative and agile they are and we look forward to seeing their success in the future.”

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Monos is a Canadian travel and lifestyle brand offering high quality, beautifully designed luggage, bags and accessories, and inspiring people to travel mindfully and presently – to embrace the journey as much as the destination. Carefully crafted in Canada With meticulous attention to detail, each Monos suitcase uses only the highest quality parts and materials sourced from around the world. Monos believes that in today’s mass consumer society, more and more people yearn for fewer but better things. With a “less is more” design approach, Monos is on a mission to unite thoughtful simplicity with exceptional quality in its collection of premium travel items. For more information, please visit [](

From its Silicon Valley headquarters, Centric Software® provides a consumer product concept digital transformation platform for fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor, consumer electronics and consumer goods including cosmetics and personal care, food and drink. Centric’s flagship product lifecycle management (PLM) platform, Centric PLM™, delivers enterprise-class innovations in merchandise planning, product development, sourcing, quality and optimization of the product portfolio, specifically for fast-moving consumer industries. Centric Visual Innovation Platform (CVIP) delivers highly visual digital whiteboard experiences for collaboration and decision making. Centric Retail Planning is an innovative cloud-native solution powered by Armonica Retail SRL, which provides an end-to-end retail planning process designed to maximize retail business performance. Centric Software pioneered mobility, introducing the first mobile apps for PLM, and is widely known for its connectivity to dozens of other enterprise systems including ERP, DAM, PIM, e-com, scheduling and more, as well as creative tools such as Adobe.® Illustrator and a multitude of 3D CAD connectors. Centric innovations are 100% market-driven with the highest user adoption rate and fastest time to value in the industry. All of Centric’s innovations shorten time to market, drive product innovation and reduce costs.

Centric Software is majority owned by Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), the world leader in 3D design software, 3D digital mockup and PLM solutions.

Centric Software has received numerous industry awards and accolades, including being named by red herring to its Global Top 100 list in 2013, 2015, and 2016. Centric has also received various Frost & Sullivan Achievement Awards in 2012, 2016, 2018, and 2021.

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