HKSTP hosts Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2022 setting a new record of over 2,900 job opportunities as the city’s I&T ecosystem continues to grow and build for a better future


HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is hosting the Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2022 (the Career Expo) from March 10 to March 16, 2022, posting a record number of over 2,900 I&T jobs to provide local youth and foreign talents with potential new career paths and opportunities for a brighter future.

Despite the challenging times facing businesses and communities across Hong Kong today, HKSTP and I&T ecosystem leaders continue to deploy efforts and resources to build the city’s strength in I&T and unlock the potential long-term. The first-ever T2 Tech x Talent Month (T2) innovation month, kicking off with the Career Expo, is another sign of I&T growth as HKSTP seeks to meet record demand by creating a strong pipeline of talent for the to come up. This year, Career Expo showcases more than 280 local and foreign companies from multiple industries looking for bright young talent to join the I&T ecosystem.

Opportunities at this year’s Career Expo saw the highest demand in AI and data analytics, biotechnology, electronics and sensors, and software and communications. The growing diversity of in-demand skills aligns with HKSTP’s vision to build a broader pool of talent at all levels and backgrounds, from professionals in non-tech sectors seeking new careers, as well as aspiring overseas entrepreneurs. . The week-long career expo is combined with the expanded T2 talent initiatives that cover three key tracks, namely “Deep Tech Training”, “Innovative Thinking Workshops and Idea Pitching” and “Upskilling Series (Fintech)”.

“While the COVID-19 situation has tested every community in our city, HKSTP believes that the development of I&T should continue. We have seen rapid growth in the number of deals and the total amount of funding attracted to our park businesses over the past few years, indicating a growing appetite to invest in local I&T startups. Hong Kong must build on this momentum and seize all future opportunities to take the I&T ecosystem to another level,” said Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP.

“This year, we will launch the Shenzhen branch of the Hong Kong Science Park to help Hong Kong talent and technology companies seize opportunities in GBA and GBA go global. We will also work with our ecosystem partners to engage talent to grow their careers in I&T by offering internships, training and employment opportunities through Career Expo and the various programs. Despite the current challenges, I encourage young talents to remain confident, passionate and believe in the opportunities available to them.

On the same day, HKSTP also announces a series of ongoing initiatives to advance I&T talent development:

– HKSTP works with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to provide undergraduate students with on-the-job training and internships in I&T at HKSTP’s partner companies in Hong Kong and the GBA, for example through the ” Deep Tech Training” from HKSTP during Q2.

– Partnership with NVIDIA as part of the Deep Learning Institute (DLI) ambassador program to train higher education students in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Students who have satisfactorily completed HKSTP’s “Deep Tech Training” during T2 will receive an industry-recognized NVIDIA DLI certificate.

– Collaborate with Tencent Finance Academy (Hong Kong) to foster I&T entrepreneurship among tertiary students and broaden their industry exposure through internships in Hong Kong and GBA.

– HKSTP will work with CUHK and PolyU, while talking with other universities, to nurture and mold young talent into the next generation of leading entrepreneurs and technology innovators in Hong Kong. Students will be enrolled in HKSTP talent programs or partner companies for credited internships and projects.

– HKSTP will also launch its Hong Kong InnoAcademy Society with over 100 Hong Kong I&T Ambassadors and nine founding committee members. Hong Kong I&T Ambassadors of different ages and backgrounds will proactively engage and inspire future talent to join the I&T ecosystem. The founding committee members, who are alumni of the HKSTP talent program, “Technology Leaders of Tomorrow”, will organize career and networking activities for members to nurture and grow the I&T talent community across the world. HKSTP ecosystem in Hong Kong and the GBA.

HKSTP aims to create a one-stop platform to nurture, engage and inspire talents from Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas to work in I&T companies and become I&T entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and GBA. The Careers Expo along with our T2 Talent Month activities provide an exceptional opportunity for business and I&T talent.

Participating companies can converse with potential talent at their virtual exhibition stands on the interactive platform by hosting live on-demand talks and presentations.

To register and more information about T2, please visit:

T2 event details are subject to change as indicated by updates on the HKSTP website.

Hong Kong I&T Career Fair 2022 key figures and highlights:

  • Over 2,900 job opportunities (InnoHK: 624; INNOPARK: 204)

  • Over 280 participating tech companies

  • Over 70% jobs open for overseas and Greater Bay Area talent

  • More than 55% of companies with offices in GBA and abroad

  • More than 80% of jobs in the fields of technology and R&D

  • 65%+ entry-level jobs, 25%+ mid-level jobs

  • 65%+ jobs for bachelor’s graduates, 10%+ jobs for PhD graduates

About Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) has been committed for 20 years to making Hong Kong an international hub of innovation and technology to propel the success of local and global pioneers of today and tomorrow. HKSTP has established a thriving I&T ecosystem that is home to three unicorns and Hong Kong’s leading R&D hub with over 11,000 research professionals and over 1,000 tech companies focused on health tech, AI and robotics , fintech and smart city technologies.

Established in 2001, we attract and nurture talent, accelerate and commercialize innovation and technology for entrepreneurs on their growth journey in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, Asia and beyond. Our growing innovation ecosystem revolves around our key sites of Hong Kong Science Park in Shatin, InnoCentre in Kowloon Tong and three modern InnoParks in Tai Po, Tseung Kwan O and Yuen Long. The three InnoParks materialize a reindustrialization vision for Hong Kong. The goal is for sectors such as advanced manufacturing, electronics and biotechnology to be reinvented for a new generation of industries.

Through our infrastructure, services, expertise and network of partnerships, HKSTP will help make innovation and technology a pillar of growth for Hong Kong, while strengthening Hong Kong’s status as an international I&T hub by as a springboard for global growth at the heart of the GBA innovation powerhouse. .

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