Electronic Charging System Manufacturer Storage Rack From: Creform Corporation


Creform Company (Greer, SC) designed and built a heavy duty storage rack for a manufacturer of electronic charging systems. The rack holds heavy components for internal assembly work cell operations and can be used as an individual rack within a work cell or connected to multiple racks with brackets to create a large scale storage system. The rack can also be useful for general storage or parts to be shipped.

The shelf:

  • Provides four levels of supply with plastic shelves on each level.
  • Has dimensions of 75 3/4″ W x 36″ D and 79″ T and is rated to support up to 400 lbs per level.
  • Features four sturdy threaded legs for floor leveling capability.
  • Allows parts to be positioned on shelves with or without containers.
  • Is open on both sides providing good visibility all around.
  • Allows for performance pieces between waist and chest.
  • Is available as a kit, an assembled structure, or as a component for a complete DIY solution.

Tiers can be repositioned or the entire shelf can be customized with just simple tools. Vertical presentation face so tiers can easily be moved up/down with just simple tools. Position changes only require a hex key.

Custom sizes help optimize floor space for the amount of inventory needed at the assembly point.

The rack design creates visual inventory management and optimizes the space required in the workplace. The plastic work surface provides space for sorting, counting or sub-assembling spare parts.

Larger capacity and custom cart sizes and configurations are possible with Creform’s system of 28mm and 42mm plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints. They can be configured for ESD (anti-static) applications.

Accessories include:

  • Hooks
  • Labeling options
  • Writing surfaces with clipboard


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