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Two people filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Committeealleging that wealthy donors are hiding their support for a ballot initiative that would require a two-thirds majority for local governments and voter approval to levy new taxes.

Sandra Beltrana registered nurse, and Cassondra Curielpresident of United Educators of San Franciscoallege that real estate mega-donors are contributing money to the California Business Roundtable Issues PACwho in turn sends the money to the Californians Committee for Taxpayer Protectionallowing donors to avoid disclosure.

“This practice is plain and simple campaign money laundering. The Fair Political Practices Commission must take immediate action to end these violations of the law. The Commission must conduct a full and thorough investigation into these practices to ensure the integrity of the public disclosure requirements,” according to the complaint, which was filed Monday.

The complaint lists several respondents, including Western National Group and affiliated entitiesthe Californians for Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability and the California Business Roundtable Issues PAC.

The complaint specifically alleges that the parties involved committed money laundering, failure to properly disclose step contributions, failure to disclose earmarked contributions, and failure to properly disclose the top 10 donors.

“Why would these mega-donors want to avoid disclosures that would result from their contribution to the extent of the initiative? Because this group of massive landowners, mega-developers, landlords and their affiliates are its greatest beneficiaries. With over $14 billion in land holdings and multi-billion dollar development deals underway from San Francisco to San Diego, it’s no wonder Hayde, Emmett and Kilroy Realty want to hide from scrutiny. public associated with sponsoring a ballot measure that serves their own interests,” the complaint alleges.

Contacted for comment, Brooke Armor Spiegelvice president of the California Business Roundtable, issued the following statement:

“This is just another campaign tactic of special interests trying to deny voters in the state with the highest cost of living the opportunity to vote on new, higher taxes. Those same special interests have already proposed more than $100 billion in new, higher taxes this year, despite a budget surplus of $46 billion.

“The California Business Roundtable Issues PAC supports the priorities of our Board of Directors and the broader business community. We routinely support a number of state and local ballot measures each election cycle and report our activity in an open and transparent manner and in accordance with the law. Voters have repeatedly and overwhelmingly supported raising their voice on taxes and we look forward to giving them another opportunity with the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act in November.


Should Californians have the right to repair their electronics?

Sen. Susan Talamantes EggmanD-Stockton, introduced SB-983which would oblige the manufacturers of electronic products to make available all the documentation and the parts necessary for the repair of these devices.

The bill is sponsored by CALPIRG, consumer reports, Californians Against Waste and I fix it.

“It’s absurd that we throw away some 46,000 cell phones every day in California,” said Kushen sander, attorney for CALPIRG, in a statement. “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When we throw away an electronic product that can be repaired, we contribute to the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Too often, companies get in the way of consumers who want to fix their business. The result is higher consumer costs and more toxic e-waste.

CALPIRG ordered a Survey Monkey survey of 212 Californians that showed 77% of Democrats, 61% of Republicans, and 82% of unaffiliated voters supported a “right to repair” bill.

“The ability to repair things we own, with our own hands or those of a trusted independent repair shop, should not be a controversial or partisan issue,” Sen. Eggman said in a statement. “Improving access to replacement parts and repair security with proper service documentation will give consumers the choice to save money and keep their electronics and appliances a little longer before they wear out. ‘they don’t need to be replaced.’


Via Lara Korte…

Councilwoman of Elk Grove Stephanie Nguyen officially launches its campaign for the 10th Assembly District Monday, in the running to replace Assemblyman Jim Cooper, running for Sacramento County Sheriff.

Nguyen, a Democrat, is endorsed by Cooper and his fellow Sacramento-area congressman Kevin McCarty.

“I trust Stephanie to keep our communities safe. She knows firsthand that public safety is of the utmost importance,” Cooper said in a statement. “Stephanie also recognizes the challenges that small businesses and families face every day. She has been a leading voice against the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, fighting vigorously to end the violence.

According to his announcement, Nguyen attended schools in Sacramento before graduating from Sacramento State University. She spent 15 years at Asian Resources, Inc. and was nominated to serve on the Elk Grove City Council in 2017.

She takes on two other Democrats vying for Cooper’s seat – Sacramento City Councilman Eric Guerra and pastor Tecoy Porter. Republican Eric Rigardwho challenged Cooper in 2020, is also running for the seat.


California-based nonprofit group Gender Equity Policy Institute released a new report, titled “Undocumented and Essential: A Profile of Undocumented Women in California,” which concludes that undocumented women earn significantly less than white men.

Specifically, 62% of undocumented women are in the California labor force, where they earn 49 cents for every dollar earned by a white man.

The report also found that one-fifth of undocumented women, nearly 21%, live in poverty in the state, while more than one-third have incomes below 150% of the federal poverty level.

More than half, 55%, of all undocumented women in the state have health insurance, a rate 41% lower than Californian women as a whole.

“The report of the Gender Equity Policy Institute puts a gender perspective on immigration”, said the president of the organization Nancy L. Cohen in a report. “Forty-five percent of undocumented immigrants in the United States are women. But when the media or politicians discuss the challenges of immigration to the United States, the immigrants they talk about tend to be men.


“According to this week’s report from the Department of Labor, the last time inflation was this high I wore a mullet – that was in 1982.”

– Representative Jay Obernolte, R-Hesperia, by Twitter (check tweet for mullet photo)

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  • Millions of Californians will take off their masks this week when the state’s universal mandate ends on Tuesday. Teachers and students, however, will not be among them, via Lara Korte.

  • Last week, California Highway Patrol officers arrested a man suspected of throwing weights at the State Capitol in Sacramento, smashing a few windows before being arrested, via Rosalio Ahumada.

  • Devin Nunes is sitting on $11 million in campaign money. What can he do with it in 2022? Going through Gillian Brassil.

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