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Charlotte, NC, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cirba Solutions, the leader in battery management and materials for end-of-life batteries, announces that it will form a joint venture with 6K Inc., the world’s leading producer of sustainable advanced materials for additive manufacturing and energy storage, to produce recycled battery cathodes, thereby closing the loop in lithium-ion battery management. This partnership provides the battery manufacturing industry with a safe and stable source of recycled cathode materials that will help the United States achieve its vision of creating a sustainable national supply chain.

6K has assembled a team of materials, process and production experts to deliver world-class materials. UniMelt® leverages a Massachusetts Institute of Technology-derived microwave plasma process that can produce a virtually infinite number of battery materials faster, cleaner and more cost-effectively than any other process. Compared to state-of-the-art Cathode Active Material (CAM) plants, 6K produces significantly less greenhouse gases (GhG), no solid or liquid waste, and uses 90% less water for lower costs 50% compared to the world average Cost. This, combined with Cirba Solutions’ decades of experience in developing the most comprehensive and geographically diverse logistics and processing footprint in North America for the collection, packaging, transport and recovery of battery materials in end of life and production waste, puts this team far ahead of the competition.

“6K’s UniMelt® system replaces a less efficient chemical co-precipitation process with one that takes seconds and is powered by 6,000 degree Kelvin microwave plasma,” explained 6K CEO Aaron Bent. “Our partnership with Cirba Solutions allows us to leverage the groundbreaking capabilities of both companies to create a national supply chain that insulates the United States from foreign shocks and supply chain disruptions while providing battery materials new generation.”

“We are excited to partner with 6K to provide a closed-loop supply chain to OEMs, cell manufacturers and cathode customers looking to reintegrate recycled battery materials into their supply chains,” explained David Klanecky, President and CEO of Cirba Solutions. “Our expertise in the collection, logistics and processing of lithium-ion batteries, in concert with 6K’s innovative cathode material production capabilities, will help power the transformational renewable economy in a truly circular way.”

Both organizations have successfully demonstrated the CAM-to-CAM process with recycled materials to produce NMC powder that meets industry specifications. This closed-loop approach provides OEMs, cell manufacturers and cathode producers with a sustainable product that creates a circular household supply chain with a high-quality cathode made from recycled batteries.

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Cirba Solutions is the most trusted and only full-service provider in the battery management industry, taking end-of-life batteries, processing them to extract critical materials, and feeding those materials back into the supply chain. With an operational and differentiated platform, its full range of capabilities meets the demand for lithium-ion and cross-chemistry batteries supporting a circular battery supply chain for industry. It is the leader in end-to-end battery recycling management solutions, offering battery-centric logistics, collection program solutions, second-life applications and cathode production validation, with technological processes that focus on environmental compliance. Cirba Solutions combines the resources and expertise of Heritage Battery Recycling, Retriev Technologies and Battery Solutions.


With sustainability at its core, 6K was founded in North Andover, Massachusetts. It has developed UniMelt®, a proprietary advanced microwave plasma production system, to transform engineered materials into breakthrough products that advance industries in additive manufacturing, renewable energy, aerospace, consumer electronics, etc. 6K represents 6000 degrees, both the operating temperature of UniMelt®, the world’s only microwave production scale plasma system, and the temperature of the surface of the sun. For 6K media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]


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