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New York, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces the release of the report “Biometrics Extended by Affective Computing: Technologies and Global Markets” –
A realistic five-year forecast has been made for the future global markets for different types of biometric technologies and devices.

The applications of each type of biometric technology are discussed to establish global and regional usage. A future forecast has been made for such applications.

The market is divided on the basis of biometric technologies including fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition, voice and voice recognition, etc. Market applications are segmented into identification, access control and security.

Today’s biometrics market provides an opportunity for stakeholders largely due to the rise of biometric software services and the increased use of the Internet for digital identification.

This report highlights different types of biometrics including contact-based and contactless biometrics. In addition, the report also offers major regional analysis of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

The estimated and forecast market revenue considered in this report is the sum of software, hardware, and subscription services prices.

The report also studies the product and technology life cycles of various types of biometric devices and the methods employed by different manufacturers and users to maintain the ecological balance.

The report also introduces the major manufacturers and suppliers of biometric devices and examines mergers and acquisitions in this field.

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on society since the start of 2020. This report examines the impact of COVID-19 and the economic downturn it has created.

With people relying more on technology, cyberattacks have increased. The demand for biometric solutions is expected to increase and drive the biometrics market.

This report has been prepared in a simple and easy to understand format, with a number of tables and graphs/figures. The scope of the report includes a detailed study of the global and regional markets for various types of biometric devices, with reasons given for variations in industry growth in certain regions.

The report examines each type of biometric technology, determines its current market size and estimates its future market. The report also analyzes the market from the perspective of the manufacturers as well as the end consumer.

A number of technical problems arising from the use of biometric technologies are discussed and solutions are indicated. The use of biometric technologies in government and public sector institutions is discussed in detail, along with the markets for these sectors.

The report includes:
– 43 data tables and 10 additional tables
– An up-to-date overview and analysis of the global biometric technology and device markets
Global market trend analyses, with data from 2020-2021, estimates for 2022 and 2024, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGR) to 2026
– Assess and forecast the global/regional biometrics market size, and analyze the corresponding market share by biometrics type, technology, application, end-user and geographical region
– In-depth information (facts & figures) regarding market drivers, challenges & issues, and other macroeconomic forces influencing the progress of the global Biometrics market
– Overview of recent government regulations, current trends, and technological updates in biometrics and affective computing technologies that may shape the future market
– Review of granted patents and innovations covering biometrics and affective computing technologies in each major category
– Latest information on major M&A deals, agreements and collaborations within the global biometrics industry
Company profiles of key players including Aratek Biometrics Technology Co. ltd, ASSA abloy AB, Fingerprint cards AB, Fujitsu ltd.

Biometrics technology enables the analysis of a user’s biological data by capturing unique physical human characteristics and using them as a future reference for identifying a user. Biometric technologies, including voice and face, provide a way to authenticate a person’s identity and allow access to secure locations.

Biometrics has major advantages among which –
– High security and assurance – biometric identification provides the answers to “something a person has and is” and helps verify identity.
– User experience – convenient and fast.
– Non-transferable – everyone has access to a single set of biometric data.
– Anti-spoofing – biometric data is difficult to tamper with or steal.
– Offers the best return on investment (ROI) compared to other security solutions.

Rising government initiatives to adopt biometrics, high demand from consumer electronics industry for authentication and identification applications, and growing need for digital security are key factors driving the growth of the market . However, substantial costs associated with biometric systems and data security issues are hampering market expansion.

Significant advancements in biometric solutions, growing adoption of cloud-based services, and a fundamental shift from proprietary technology to standards-based biometric capture and matching are expected to create new market opportunities for market growth in the years to come.

The global biometrics market is growing. Driven by a variety of concerns, including identity theft and violence, the global biometrics industry is projected to grow by REMOVED percent in five years – from REMOVED in 2020 to REMOVED by 2026 to a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of REMOVED% over the forecast period 2021-2026.

The REDACTED region accounted for the REDACTED market share, %REDACTED, in 2020. The rapid growth of the region can be attributed to the wide usage of biometric technologies, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and fingerprint recognition. iris, because they are reliable, fast. , precise and secure.

Biometrics is widely integrated into access control systems, point-of-sale (POS) solutions, e-passport and e-visa systems, border control systems. Growing focus on enhancing country security complements regional market growth
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