Apple could partner with Korean auto electronics companies

Several South Korean auto parts makers are expected to join Apple’s auto development project.

Apple plans to step up the development of Apple Car this year, and several South Korean auto parts makers are expected to join the development.

Apple discussed the supply of electric vehicle batteries with LG Energy Solution and SK On several months ago. Last month he had meetings with some auto electronics companies in South Korea. According to industry sources, the companies include a company that Apple is willing to invest in capital, Apple has asked the company to double its production capacity, and additional online meetings are underway between some companies and Apple.

“Some South Korean companies already working with Apple in the smartphone industry have set up working groups to work with them in the auto industry as well,” one said, adding: “ Collaboration between Apple and South Korean companies is very likely, also with regard to Apple Car batteries.

“The content of these discussions is confidential and no information is shared with Apple being strict and meticulous about security,” another source said, adding: “There are also many companies that don’t even try because Apple’s demands are high. “

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